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I’ve decided what my tenth skill is going to be, tying knots. I want to learn five knots first, and then move on from there. Those knots are:

Quick Release
Slip Knot
Clove Hitch


13 skills

I’m going to better myself in 2013 by developing a more diverse skill set. The idea is to learn 13 new skills by the end of the year. So far I only have nine skills, but I plan on adding more soon.

#1: Archery

I want to learn more about bow hunting. When I was younger my father taught me the basics of how to shoot a hay bail, but I want to learn how to actually hunt deer with a bow.

#2: CCW

I want to take a concealed carry class. I bought a groupon for the class and will be taking it soon.

#3: Accounting

I studied accounting, and I want to get a job were I will actually do accounting. So I’m learning how to use quickbooks!

#4: Blade Sharpening

In the past when I tried to put an edge on a pocket knife it ended up duller then when I started.

#5: Beer Making

I’m going to brew some oatmeal stout.

#6: Firearms

I’m passable at best when it comes to hunting, and I want to improve on that.

#7: Build a Solar Oven

I have no idea what a solar oven is, but it sounds cool.

#8: Martial Arts

I want to learn how to use a spear. Just thought it would be cool.

#9: Wine Making

I want to make some hard cider. Not exactly the same as wine, but similar in practice.

Here is a link to my skill page

And here is the address for 13 skills