13 Skills Update

My goal of mastering 13 skills in 2013 fell a little short. However, while I failed before I still want to keep improving myself and my skill set. Every day I don’t get a little better at something will be a day wasted.

Original post can be found here:  https://sundaygomeetingclothes.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/13-skills/

1: Archery

I want to learn more about bow hunting. When I was younger my father taught me the basics of how to shoot a hay bail, but I want to learn how to actually hunt deer with a bow.

-That didn’t happen. While I still want to do this, it is being pushed to the back burner for now. I want to focus on my martial arts and budget permitting, my skill with firearms.

#2: CCW

I want to take a concealed carry class. I bought a groupon for the class and will be taking it soon.

-I did get my CCW. So, one goal met so far.

#3: Accounting

I studied accounting, and I want to get a job were I will actually do accounting. So I’m learning how to use quickbooks!

-That fell to the wayside. My past three accounting/fiance gigs have been with corporations that use SAP. My time would be better spent revisiting my accounting basic or SAP than learning quickbooks.

#4: Blade Sharpening

In the past when I tried to put an edge on a pocket knife it ended up duller then when I started.

-I played around with this a little bit and ruined the edge of a machete. More recently I worked the edge of my heavy kukri, and I think I did a passable job on it. I still need to keep working on this though.

#5: Beer Making

I’m going to brew some oatmeal stout.

-With the help of a friend I did brew some oatmeal stout. The first 25 or so bottle tasted… not so good. They were overly sweet and bland tasting. I left the remaining bottles in the back of my pantry for a little over two months, and then it tasted much better. The beer needed to age longer than I allowed it. Beginner’s mistake.

#6: Firearms

I’m passable at best when it comes to hunting, and I want to improve on that.

I’ve gotten a little bit better with my pistol, but I still don’t feel comfortable with carrying it yet. I lack a good under the waistband holster, and my accuracy is “minute of bad guy” at ten yards.

#7: Build a Solar Oven

I have no idea what a solar oven is, but it sounds cool.

-I learned what it is, but have no desire to make one. Especially since my new place has a lot of shade, the solar oven would be of limited use.

#8: Martial Arts

I want to learn how to use a spear. Just thought it would be cool.

-I learned a little of the spear through the SCA (society for creative anachronism), but I haven’t been active in the society for over a year now. I recently joined a Jeet-Kun-Do gym and I’m learning unarmed striking and how to use Filipino style weaponry.

#9: Wine Making

I want to make some hard cider. Not exactly the same as wine, but similar in practice.

-I did make some hard cider. It didn’t really work out so well. Through a couple of mistakes on my part the cider didn’t turn out, and it was a big let down. However, we kept about two gallons of fresh cider that in time became hard cider (natural yeast did its part). I may try again this year if my family has time to get together and work on it.


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